Baker Uses Bubble Wrap To Give Her Cake A Chocolate Kick
October 23, 2015 #home
By Gabriel Prusak

If your neighbors are always coming for your "Best Baker on the Block" trophy, it's time you protect your title with some Bubble Wrap.

YouTube user Cakes StepByStep demonstrates a clever technique to take your desserts to the next level. In a video posted to YouTube on Mar 15, an ordinary cake gets a decorative dressing with the aid of everyone's favorite packaging material, Bubble Wrap. Normally used for protecting valuables from unpredictable bumps, using a strip of the common cushioning and insulating material is a unique way to add a honeycomb-style flair to your fare. 

The baker below goes through the steps you'll need to accomplish this feat. The video below picks up after she removes the melted bars of pastry chocolate from the microwave. This will create a saucy spread that comes in handy for the next step: the Bubble Wrap step.

A simple round cake sits on the kitchen table before the baker, which will shortly acts as a blank canvas for her to apply her chocolate art upon. She the takes a strip of Bubble Wrap, with a width roughly an inch taller than the cake, and wraps it around the cake's circumference before trimming the packaging material accordingly.

The baker then takes the liquid chocolate and begins spreading it evenly over the properly measured Bubble Wrap. While the baker does not identify the type of Bubble Wrap she uses, it is always important to wash the Bubble Wrap before use, and to make sure it's FDA-grade, which according to the company Sealed Air is made from 100% virgin resin, and allows for immediate contact with food substances.

After she is satisfied with the evenness of her spread, she lets the chocolate set for 10 minutes at room temperature before pressing the Bubble Wrap, chocolate-side towards the cake, all the way around. After a 10-minute cool down in the fridge, the cake is ready for it's big reveal.

Slowly but surely the baker peels away the Bubble Wrap from the chocolate, leaving a stunning honeycomb-like effect in the chocolate that will keep your confection crown resting nicely on your head for years to come.

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