Make A Floating Cooler With A Few Cheap Materials
May 16, 2015 #home
By Kathy Finney

Summer is right around the corner, and we cant wait. All around me I see people donning shorts and sandals whenever the temperature rises over 65 as if sheer will power can keep the sun shining. For those of you who can boast a pool, get out your trunks. With this quick dollar-store project, you'll be ready to lounge in no time. 

1. Get a plastic tub with a lip

2. Cut your pool noodle into four pieces (two long, two short)


3. Pull some waterproof string through the center of each noodle

4. Set your plastic tub into the rectangle formed by the noodle

5. Enjoy your floating pool cooler

For this projects, creative brain "macgeek" spent a whopping $2.00. He happened to already have some nylon string at home, which may threaten your budget all the way up to $3.00 if you need to grab a spool of that too. A quick internet search shows commercial floating coolers can cost anywhere between $20 and $70. Wouldn't you rather spend the money you save on more drinks?

You can test your cooler by filling it with water first. If it can stay afloat, you can safely load it up with drinks and ice. 

What did you think of this quick project? Let us know in the comments below. If you have any other ideas for the pool, please share them with the rest of our fans by commenting below. 

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