A New Way To Cook An Old Favorite
September 21, 2015 #home
By Henry Cannon

The omelet is perhaps the most versatile breakfast item out there. It's a simple enough recipe to master and you can fill it with just about anything you'd like. On top of that, omelets are relatively inexpensive to make and don't require too much prep time. 

Most people will cook an omelet in a frying pan on the stove, while some may opt for the oven or a microwave. But there's a way to cook this breakfast favorite that you've likely never heard of. Thanks to Allrecipes, a YouTube channel chock full of how-to cooking videos, you've been introduced to a new technique. All you need are your ingredients and a plastic bag.

Sounds odd, right? The concept of cooking an omelet in a Ziploc bag is a bit odd, but that doesn't mean the finished product comes out looking anything less than stellar. In fact, if the video below is anything to consider, this may be a great way to prepare your breakfast that not only minimizes cleanup, but also removes the stress of having to execute the perfect flip. We all know the flip doesn't always go according to plan.

The concept is simple enough. Put your eggs in a plastic bag, seal it up, and break up the yolks. Then, add the rest of your ingredients — whatever they may be — and close up the bag once again before carefully massaging the contents so all components are mixed in evenly. Easy enough? Lastly, place your bag into a pot of boiling water and let sit for 13 minutes on the dot. 

Here's where a red flag may arise for some of you. In fact, many viewers of the video, which was uploaded on Sept. 15, pointed out that heating a plastic bag may not be the safest thing to do. It's widely believed that heating plastic will result in the leaking of harmful chemicals — thus, making the food unsafe to ingest. However, a study conducted by Good Housekeeping may have revealed otherwise. In the study, 31 different plastic products were tested — meaning each item was heated sufficiently and then tested in a lab. Twenty-seven of those products were found not to contain phthalates or bisphenol A, two chemicals that have caused the most concern. Among that list of 27 products are Ziploc freezer bags, which Allrecipes recommends. 

This method of cooking omelets may not be for everyone, but it sure has its perks. Check out the tutorial below.

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